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Praying Together

About Us

Bethesda Int’l & Missionary Church, Inc. started in January 2008 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The church was born and established in order to respond to the urgent need to get our Haitian children and youth connected to their community and to remain there by investing/sharing their talents and gifts, knowledge and money.

          Bethesda also offers the opportunity for adult members and parents to share and to communicate to the youth their Christian life experiences and their passion for God. Indeed, Bethesda promotes the Paul/Timothy Relationships Model as a way to empower the Speaking English members to be faithfully involved in the edification of the Church of Jesus Christ (2 Ti 1:3-18).

          In that regard, Bethesda is a bilingual congregation, promoting the use of both Haitian Kreyol and English in our corporate activities and services like Worship services, prayers meetings, workshops etc. Furthermore, since English is the official language of the land, Bethesda offers the possibility to other ethnic groups to join us and to experience the beauty and the blessing to worship our great God with a Haitian flavor and aroma.

          Bethesda Int’l & Missionary Church, Inc. is a non-denominational congregation deeply rooted in the traditions of the Apostolic Church of the first century of the Christian era. It is incorporated in the state of Georgia, which means that every registered member of the congregation is legally recognized to have specific rights and duties attached to their membership.

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