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Bethesda Int’l & Missionary Church, Inc. exists:
1. To glorify God in reaching out to the lost sheep and to bring them into the Kingdom of Jesus (1 Peter 2:9), and
2. To empower the believers for the extension of the Kingdom
(2Ti 3:16-17).


As a response to our blessing to be called children of God and to be part of the holy nation (John 1:12-13; I Peter 2:9-10), Bethesda is fully committing in:

1. Preaching Sanctification, which means to display an uncompromised life of obedience (John 14:15; 15:14, Heb 12:14),

2. Serving God with Passion, which is to be bold in expressing our love (Ep 5:19-21),

3. Equipping the Saints for Mission as a mean to express our gratitude (Ph 2:12-14).

Praying Together
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